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Proud to announce my very 1st published piece, "Daughter of The King 101: The Handbook, Devotional & Diary". This vision was given to me by God to elevate the mind of young girls and women of all walks of life and is a guide to help them become who God destined them to be. It is important that we understand our worth as Daughters of the King and know that with discipline we can attain all of our hearts desires. The goal of this manuscript is to create a movement that will help trickle down to the generations to come. "Daughter Of The King 101" will set a mental, spiritual, and physical standard that reinforces self-love and value in women. No matter what type of background we've come from, we were all designed to be ladies of Virtue, Class, and Awesomeness.


Daughter of the King 101

"Where Girls Become Queens"

We have designed a 1 YEAR Program Focused on Teaching Young Girls to be Young Queens.


  • Behaving as Royalty 

  • Thinking Royalty

  • Royalty Training

  • Dressing Like Royalty

  • Safety 101

  • Dating 101 (Parent(s) may omit this class if uncomfortable with the topic.) 


There will be a graduation following completion of each





You may book CASME' to do a book signing & release wherever you'd like. Women & Men are welcomed. Fathers and/or Men Please bring your sisters, daughters & neices with you. We will have an Open Forum Discussion, a Live D.O.T.K. Performance, the Book Signing & On-site Registration for the D.O.T.K. Day Camp. 


We have a list of 40 young ladies who've reached out to be for guidance and mentorship. Please feel free to sponsor one of those at risk youth.


Thank you so much for your continued support,

Casme' Barnes

DOTK 101 Informative

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PHONE:  504-419-5059

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