"Thanks so much for opening me up and making me realize that if i really want to sing i got to be ready at all times. I doubt you will remember this but before we talked or anything you walked in the room and everyone was clapping lol and you were walking by me, you didn't do it to anyone else but you grabbed my arm and said haay lol. Never gonna forget that. Spirits connect lol. Your in the business i want to be in so I'm gonna always look up to you for advice ect. And I gotchu ok I'm lil bro bro. Lol" LIBERTY HIGH STUDENT - KISSIMMEE, FL


"Uhm heeey , I'm one of the students from FPMS that you visited today , I just wanted to say thank you. You made me look at everything from a different perspective and I wish you lots of luck on all the things your doing." - CEDAR GROVE HIGH - ATLANTA,GA




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